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risks of intubated patients Clinical Benefits AnchorFast
Oral Endotracheal
Tube Fastener
AnchorFast Guard
Oral Endotracheal
Tube Fastener
Ventilator-associated events such as pneumonia, due to limited access to oral care. Eases access to the oral cavity to help optimize oral care.
Findings suggest implementation of a comprehensive oral and dental care protocol can help reduce incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia.1
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ORAL PRESSURE ULCERS from the tube resting too long in one place. Helps prevent formation of lip ulcers as part of a multifaceted approach.2,3 bullet bullet
tube occlusions caused by the patient. Helps prevent
tube occlusion

with integrated tube protection sleeve.
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CAUTION: Prior to using the AnchorFast Guard oral endotracheal tube fastener, be sure to read the entire product Instructions for Use package insert that accompanies the product.